Senator McKoon: Where is my apology?

(Columbus, GA) Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon is waiting for an apology after being exonerated by the State Attorney General's office.

The Senator was cleared late last week of any wrongdoing after three Muscogee County School Board members alleged McKoon threatened to withhold state money if the board didn't open up the bidding process for it's legal representation.

Attorney General Sam Olens noted nothing in the investigation would rise to the level of bribery charges and after nearly six months and three separate investigations, McKoon says the school board did nothing but cost the taxpayers more money by instigating the investigation and now he's calling on each one including Beth Harris, a candidate he helped get elected…to come clean.

Take SOT  Runs.. 0:40  ..”  Josh McKoon

Asked if he would do anything differently, McKoon says he wouldn't change a thing except in the future he will likely videotape any conversations with any school officials.

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