Carver’s Cam Newton? Meet Juwon Pass

By Chelsa Messinger

Carver Quarterback Juwon Pass wears #2 for a reason.

“Cam Newton,” said Pass. “When he was in college he was #2.”

Both Pass and Newton stand at 6'5″, both are dual threats, and both have a certain affinity for touchdown dances.
“I just feel like we play the same,” said Pass. “We're both tall, we both can run and throw. He's just my role model.
After just two games as Carver's starting Quarterback, Pass has turned heads faster than you can say “Heisman”. Last week against Shaw, Pass went 16-of-21, 280 yards, and four touchdowns.
Two of those touchdowns came in the air, two on the ground, including an electric 20-yard touchdown scramble.

“I was looking to pass, but it was too much pressure, so when I ran, I just tried to make something happen,” said Pass.

“He really runs the offense,” said Carver Head Football Coach Joseph Kegler. “He's the coach on the field. We can't come on the field with them. He's doing a better job of just commanding the offense.
But Pass knows that elite quarterbacks don't thrive on talent alone.
“He's been staying after practice,” said Kegler. “He's trying to get better and trying to make his weaknesses his strengths.”
Pass certainly has raw talent, but he's still working on a few mechanics.
“Mainly just throwing off my back foot,” said Pass of the fundamentals he's trying to improve.
At just 15 years old, Pass can't even drive a car yet. But he's already gotten scholarship offers from places like the University of North Carolina.
But wouldn't it be just fitting, if Pass ended up in the same offense as Cam Newton under Gus Malzahn at Auburn.
“That would make me consider them a lot,” said Pass. “[Coach Malzahn] is a good coach, he coached Cam. Every time I go up there, he tells me I remind him of Cam.”
Pass is still several years, touchdowns, and mechanical fixes from being dubbed “The Next Cam Newton.” He's still got three more years in High School. But in Columbus, enjoy watching him while you still can.




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