$90M movie studio promises Hollywood jobs for Ga.

Savannah gets the occasional limelight in films such as “Forrest Gump.”
But now, a neighboring community hopes to get into moviemaking full

Effingham County officials celebrated last week as Medient
(MEE-dee-ent) Studios broke ground on a planned $90 million production
studio complex. The project is envisioned as a round-the-clock film
factory, with everything from screenwriting to principle photography to
special effects being done on a 1,550-acre campus.

Medient is a
small company with big ambitions. It has 22 employees and a little more
than $52,000 in the bank, as the end of June. But it plans to hire 1,200
workers within five years.

John Henry of the local Industrial
Development Authority says the studio would boost the total number of
jobs in Effingham County by about 10 percent.

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