Kendrick HS Football Preview

By Chelsa Messinger


After 13 years without making the playoffs, it appears Kendrick High School Football team has finally found their rhythm.

“We just keep telling them, we want to go a step higher,” said Kendrick Head Coach Jerry Dukes.

“Instead of just going and representing, we want to get in the playoff
and go deep.”

And like a catchy beat, winning appears to contagious.

“Everybody wants to be here now,” said Kendrick Senior Linebacker Emmanuel Brown.

“I think that win helped us get a few more kids out here this year,” said Coach Dukes.

But it's not the same old song and dance for the Cherokees
offense. Unlike many pass-happy High School offenses, Kendrick prides themselves on physicality and a triple-option backfield.

“We ran the wishbone last year, and we're going to run the
wishbone this year,” said Coach Dukes.
“We're going to be physical, Most teams run the
spread offense, and we feel like every year, we feel like Kendrick High
School is getting the type of kids to run the wishbone.”
“Nobody is really going to play good against the wishbone because we have three power backs,” said Brown.
On the defense, the Cherokees return all but two starters, including two Linebackers that are more than just hard-hitters.

“We have some smart guys this year,” said Coach Dukes. “I think that
makes a difference.”
Linebackers Marvin Lewis and Emmanuel Brown both have GPA's over 3.0.
Kendrick may have started from the bottom, but now, it's all about the top.

“We're looking to win it,” said Coach Dukes. “We tell them on the 15th game, we
win the state championship, so that's our goal, to try to get to 15.”

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