Opelika High Construction Progresses

By: Dorothy Sherman

OPELIKA, AL – Cement blocks and red dirt sit outside Opelika High School, which is still under construction today.

“We are just doing punch list items,”  OCS Superintendent, Dr. Mark Neighbor said.  “We have the state inspector in
this Friday, which will do the final line safety, which means we can
occupy the building, and start getting our school stuff ready for

Last year the school began construction what will be around a 45 million
dollar project to build 24 additional classrooms and renovate
older areas.  Now, several new classrooms are in place, and filled with
new desks, fixtures and technology.

“We're right here at the end, and we're very excited. just a few
little things as you can see just buttoning up some things, but we're
ready to open school up on time,” Dr. Neighbors said.

One of the things Opelika High School students will have when they get
back is a cafeteria.  It will be the first cafeteria ever for this
campus of Opelika High.

“This is very functionally building, a very safe building.  A building we're very proud of, but it will surround them with the
environment that's conducive to great academics,” Dr. Neighbors said.  

Dr. Neighbors said he's received a lot of positive feedback from parents
on the project, and, of course students several of whom he said are
excited to start school in the new building.

“I've taken several of our folks on tours, where we could, and they're just really excited,” Dr. Neighbors said.

There will still be additional work to be done after the kids go back to
school.  The P. E. area, they hope to finish by November of this year, and the main core
academic classroom building and main street they expect to finish by this
time next year. 

Opelika High School students go back to school in their almost finished campus August 19th.

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