Juan Vargas: “Justice has been served”

By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS, GA – Another man pleads guilty to the 2012 armed robbery of La Mexicana in south Columbus.
   Twenty five-year-old Dimitrius Gordon is one of three defendants who is charged with robbing the restaurant of nearly $10,000.

Michael Johnson who was charged last week as the alleged murderer of Steve Toms is also one of the co-defendants who pled guilty to the robbery back in May.

But this morning Judge William Rumer sentenced Dimitrius Gordon to serve 10 years in prison on three counts of armed robbery and weapons charges.

Gordon alleged pulled up to the restaurant in a green Ford Expedition where he went on to hold customers and employees at gun point. When police arrested Gordon he had over $2000 on him.

Nearly half of the money stolen during the robbery was recovered, but Judge Rumer is requiring Gordon and the other co-defendants to pay the remaining $4,436 back to La Mexicana.

“Because this is armed robbery there is no chance for parole, so he has to serve every single day of it. I feel that justice has been served,” Wesley Lambertus, assistant district attorney says.

Gordon did address the victims in court saying that he apologizes from the bottom of his heart.

Juan Vargas, the manager of La Mexicana, says that he is happy that justice has been served.


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