Central QB Howard Foregoing Senior Season

By Chelsa Messinger

High School Football.

There's been books on it, movies, and almost every middle-aged man has a story he'll tell you about his glory days.

So why would one Senior Starting Quarterback give that all up?

Central High School's Jamal Howard has chosen to give up today's memories for tomorrow's dreams.

“The feeling on Friday nights is like no other,” said Howard. “So it's going to be hard to sit there and watch, instead of actually being out there in the atmosphere.”

Last year, it was Howard leading his team on the field, and into the playoffs as Central's starting quarterback. But this year, he's walking away from the gridiron, to pursue his dreams on the baseball field.

“The main reason was, I love playing football, and I love playing baseball. But my thing was, what I want to do at the next level is baseball,” said Howard.

Howard had plenty of scouts coming to see him for football. But for baseball, he's had SEC scouts, MLB scouts, and an offer to play baseball at the University of Alabama.

“I went to a showcase up in Gulf Coast, and I did really good up there, and Alabama called,” said Howard.

“I went up to the school and viewed the campus, and I met with the coaches. They're real about what they say, and they made an offer I couldn't refuse.. so Roll Tide.”

But as September approaches, Howard says it can be hard to stay focused on the future,
when he sees teammates gearing up football season.

“It was really hard when I made that decision,” said Howard.

“I love my teammates, we have been playing together since I was 9 or 10, and having to tell them that kind of news. It was hard, and I'm still getting through it. I just made a decision so I can focus on what I love to do.”

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