John Anker’s advice for small business owners

John Anker, a local business owner, who started from scratch before making it big stopped by the NBC 38 studios for WLTZ'S Southern Made segment.

Ankerpak is located in the Old Lithocrome building in Midtown. He tells us he started his business on a dream and a prayer and one of the things he likes to share with other up and coming entrepreneur's is his favorite Winston Churchill quote… “Never, never, ever give up.”

“Whenever anybody asks me to share anything, I like to tell of all the battles we've been through as a small business owner. I feel like there's a bigger target on our back than there ever was, but the challenges and trials we've been through over the last 9.5 years has really helped us prepare. I don't really have a fear of failure of going out of business, but I know there are trials ahead of us,” Anker says.

But for now he's overcome those trials.

Ankerpak currently employs 70 people, and the packaging center just recently expanded to commercial refrigeration compressors as well.

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