AU Rec Center Near Completion

By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL – THe 240,000 square feet auburn university recreation and wellness center
is still under construction, but already packed out with some the most
exciting recreation on campus.

“we've got two fifty foot climbing walls.  we've got a third of a mile
corkscrew track that's just amazing.  that winds throughout the building
that you can see all the activity and all the energy of the building
when you get on that track,” Jennifer Jarvis, Director of Campus Recreation

The 72 million dollar project has been on going for over five and a half years.
 but now is getting closer to opening what will have a fitness
tower, outdoor recreation building a leisure pool, and a tiger paw
shaped hot tub seating fifty people.

“the one thing we told our architects that our students told our
 architects and we told the architects is that we don't have to be the
biggest, but we want to be the best.  and they have captured that” Jarvis said.

One of the special amenities of this rec center is a twenty foot wet rock climbing wall.  And it's the only and
first of it's kind in the us.

“obviously there will be more soon. it comes from Australia and so we're
kind of their test and so we're excited to be the first,” Jarvis said.

But, that's not the only thing the rec center will be first in.

“the third of a mile track is currently the longest track.  and also no
one else has a cork screw like we do.  so, it's kinda unique to auburn,” Jarvis said.

The grand opening of
the center is august 19th.

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