Howard Mullen: “This right here is the pinnacle of a career”

By Natalie Fultz

FORT BENNING, GA – The Ranger Training Brigade and the 75th Ranger Regiment inducts a new wave of rangers into its hall of fame. Sixteen rangers were awarded the honor at the 21st Annual event held on Wednesday.

It was an honor many of the inductees felt “unworthy” of. The 2013 Ranger Hall of Fame inductees came together in McGinnis Wickam hall to a packed crowd to receive an award they never could have imagined receiving.

“To be counted amongst some of the greatest special operation warriors in the history of the United States is truly humbling, a deep humbling experience,” Master Sergeant (Ret) Howard Mullen.

The inductees are selected from ranger units and represent each era of ranger history.

Ninety-five year old Master Sergeant (Ret) Vincent Melillo is known as one of the fathers of rangers and served in World War II.

“To have an honor to be put up on a wall with all those other warriors makes me feel one hundred percent,” Melillo says.

And even after years of being retired, Melillio still recalls one particular event during his time of service.

“things got lucky. They moved the troops out of Korea to Hawaii. It was like going from Hell to Heaven, and when I went to Hawaii I brought my family over, and we had about a year in Hawaii. The war broke out, I went to fight the war in Korea,” Melillo says.   

Mullen who spent 26 years of his life serving, remembers the Sunday morning he received the call that he was being inducted.

“You know people talk about winning an Oscar, a Super Bowl, this right here is the pinnacle of a career being inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame,” Mullen says.

Since 1992, the Ranger Hall of Fame has been inducting some of America's most extraordinary rangers.

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