Michael Eddings: Not concerned with “haters”

By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS, GA – Real estate attorney Michael Eddings went from a life of luxury to financial ruins after allegations surfaced of fraud. Eddings speaks publicly for the first time since the fall out.

In two years Michael Eddings life has been turned upside down. He lost his real estate license, his life savings and is currently under FBI investigation.

But according to Eddings losing his spouse, the woman he blames for his demise, was the biggest blow.  

“You know it just breaks down a whole family unit. It's devastating. It's hard. It's not something that you think when you take those vows, you take it because you mean it, and you don't see things like this happening. But it happened, I have to deal with it now,” Eddings says.

He also has to deal with federal investigators who could level criminal charges for the millions missing from an escrow account.

“They're doing some depositions still as far as people who were involved in what happened, and those depositions are taking place. Lawyers are interviewing individuals to try to find out their take on what happened and that's what's being done now. After those depositions are completely it will move to another phase. Most of all of that is taking place in federal court… the U.S. District Court here in Muscogee County. So that's kind of where we are now, and as far as the investigation is concerned I'm not sure exactly where we are on that. They won't disclose that to me until they are ready to,” Eddings says. 

And there is public scrutiny as well surrounding the once powerful socialite. Eddings remains in the public eye working as a defense attorney, taking high profile cases and regularly attending Rotary meetings despite facing disbarment. 

“I really don't worry about the “haters” so much. They're there. You know they exist. Everyone isn't rooting for you. I mean everyone is not going to like you. There's going to be people who aren't going to root for you, and there are people out there who are not rooting for me who may not be fans of mine, but I really don't put my attention or my focus on those individuals or those people,” Eddings says.   

The future for Michael Eddings is unclear…

“Ultimately the truth will set you free. Either you're living in truth or you're not. Regardless of what people say or think about you when it's all said and done, your character will say more about what happened then and it will say more about what you're doing now and it'll say more about where you're going in the future. So you just keep your character straight, and if you keep your character straight the rest will take care of itself,” Eddings says.

WLTZ contacted the FBI, investigators declined to comment on the current status of the Eddings investigation..

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