Year’s 1st case of West Nile virus in GA confirmed

ATLANTA (AP) — Health officials say they've confirmed this year's first human case of West Nile virus in Georgia.

Georgia Department of Public Health says the case was confirmed Monday.
Officials say the adult patient from Brantley County recovered without
hospitalization after being infected in May.

Most West Nile virus
infections occur after the person is bitten by an infected mosquito.
Health officials are urging Georgians to take precautions to protect
themselves against mosquito bites.

Symptoms of West Nile virus
include headache, fever, neck discomfort, muscle and joint aches,
swollen lymph nodes and a rash. They usually appear three to 15 days
after the mosquito bite.

According to data from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia had 99 cases of West Nile virus
last year, including six that were fatal.

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