‘World War Z’ draws massive crowd in NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands
of fans brought Times Square to a standstill as they waited to catch a
glimpse of Brad Pitt at his premiere for “World War Z.”

The 49-year old actor took his time on the appropriately-designed “Z-shaped” red carpet, often breaking way to sign autographs.

Pitt stars and produced the apocalyptic thriller based on the book by Max Brooks.

plays a former United Nations investigator who traverses the world in a
race against time to stop a pandemic that is threatening to decimate

His partner and mother of his children, Angelina Jolie, serves as a U.N. Ambassador.

So how does she feel about him representing the U.N in the film?

Pitt laughed, saying: “She just didn't want me to embarrass them.”

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