Caught on tape: Former CPD officer makes racial comments

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA –  Corporal Jeff Foxx, who resigned last week after accusing others of using racial slurs, is caught on camera targeting drivers based on their race.

He is caught on the dash camera on patrol at the intersection of Edgewood and University saying, “They make me work these white folk areas, somebody is going to pay the price,” and “I'm hooking these white folks up on these tickets, you hear me?”

“It's very disturbing because we don't need an officer who views things in terms of race,” Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says.

“If it wasn't just an isolated incident and he wasn't just making an ill-advised joke then it's disturbing,” Randy Robertson, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, says.

The incident happened in 2007, so why was he still on duty?

A spokesperson for the police department tells NBC 38 there is no specific penalty attached to the policy violation for racial profiling. Foxx was suspended for one day and was ordered to complete sensitivity training.

This wasn't Foxx's first suspension, or his last. He has policy violations dating back to 2002 and even as recent as last year.

He was even fired in 2009 after he lied during an investigation into a suspect being choked. But he appealed his case to the personnel review board.

 “And they put him back to work over the objections of the city and the police chief,” Tomlinson says.

The Fraternal Order of Police says it has been pushing the state to set up a separate review board for law enforcement officers.

“Law enforcement officers have the power to take freedom, they have the power to take life and they should be judged by subject matter experts in those areas and understand policy.” Robertson says.

The city began the most investigation into Foxx in March, after Foxx told Marshal Greg Countryman he overheard Chief Boren calling him the “N” word.

An investigation into the allegation revealed Foxx failed a polygraph and admitted he did not hear Boren make the racial slur. When investigators asked Foxx why he lied he said, “Fear of losing my job like I did before.”

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