GE Aviation Plant Creates Auburn Jobs

By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL – City, county, and state officials gathered Monday morning for the grand
opening of GE Aviation.  A jet engine components factory that has
landed in Auburn, Alabama.

“We are very proud to link the names of GE Aviation in the eyes of the world to Auburn, Alabama” said, Auburn Mayor Bill Ham.

The 300,000 square foot building is a $75 million investment by GE and, will join over 330 aerospace industries in the state.  Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said he feels the Alabama workforce has
played a major role in the GE Aviation plant grounding in the state.

“we not only have a great workforce, they have the right attitude” said, Gov. Bentley.

There is a lot of growth coming from this plant.  GE hopes to have
hired 300 to 400 employees by the end of this decade, and also possibly
expanding the building in the future.

“We look to each of our facilities to grow with the industry, and this
environment looks very prosperous over the next decade.  So, I'd say
there's a high probability that we'll not only beat the commitments
which we said, 300 to 400 on this site by the end of the decade, but
we'll be looking for further opportunity to grow” said, President and CEO of GE Aviation, David Joyce.

Auburn won't be waiting very long for the jobs boost.  GE expects to hire 50 new employees by the of this year.

“GE Aviation is going to be very, very pleased with the product that
they produce here in Auburn and, I expect them to grow bigger than they
are now” said Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

The factory plans to deliver it's first parts later this year, as is
becomes a great jobs growth for not only Auburn, but the entire region.

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