Local entertainment groups hold anti-bullying rally

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA – The Columbus community stood up against bullying Monday.

SOA Entertainment teamed up with YNCK and Fates Fortune for an anti-bullying rally, filled with education, music and guest speakers.

“It's important to speak back to the kids, to let them know and empower them to speak up and let the public know that it's okay and that bullying is never okay,” SOA Entertainment's Letisha Littleton says.

Ray Brown and his family were in the crowd. His son, Devin, hanged himself in his bedroom closet last month after reportedly enduring bullying at Rothschild Middle School for months.

And he is not alone.

“I had to deal with being bulled everyday during every class period,” Raven Brewer says.

Raven says she was bullied repeatedly at Rothschild, “I had to always keep my eyes open because you never know who would come up and beat your or hit you.”

She says the bullying followed her to Early College at Kendrick High School.

“I was jumped by a girl and a bunch of big guys,” Raven says.

Leading her to attempt suicide.

“I didn't want to be at Early College, I didn't want to be at home, because I didn't feel safe,” Raven says.

After more than a week of in-patient treatment at the Bradley Center, Raven recovered. Her family moved so she could attend Hardaway High School, where she says she is finally happy.

But her mother says it shouldn't have gone this far. She says she voiced her concerns multiple times to administrators and “they did nothing.”

“Now a days, it seems like the school district protects the bully,” Monica Brewer says.

D'Ambra Renee, who went to three different middle schools because of bullying, agrees.

“They would make fun of me and draw pictures and put it on the board and the teachers didn't even care, it was like they couldn't even control the children,” she says.

D'Ambra says teachers need to do more, “Maybe they would send them to the principal's office or maybe write them up but that didn't do anything because the kids got written up so much.”

This is not the last time the community is going to stand up against bullying. The organizers say they plan to hold another rally in August before the kids go back to school.

NBC 38 has reached out to Rothschild Middle School and the school district multiple times. They have directed us to the school handbook and say bullying is not a problem.

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