Bentley: 2010’s dark horse now front-runner

Gov. Robert Bentley has drawn one largely unknown opponent for the
Republican nomination in 2014, and some GOP leaders say he may not draw
any well-known and well-funded opponents.

Former Morgan County
Commissioner Stacy Lee George has announced his candidacy. But Lt. Gov.
Kay Ivey, House Speaker Mike Hubbard, Senate President Pro Tem Del
Marsha and former Gov. Bob Riley say they don't plan to run.

two-year college chancellor Bradley Byrne, who finished second to
Bentley in 2010, says he's still making up his mind. Greenville business
Tim James, who finished third in 2010, says he's not planning to run at
this time.

Marsh says Bentley is in a good place for re-election because the economy is improving and there is no cry for change.


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