Scholar Athlete of the Week: Jay Dawahare

By Chelsa Messinger

At the start of the season, Pacelli Senior Midfielder Jay Dawahare set a few lofty goals. Setting goals soon turned into making goals.

“Jay has 9 goals now,” said Pacelli Head Soccer Coach Mike Dempsey. “That's on pace for his goal of 15 goals this season. Our guys are making their goals, that's why we're at where we're at.”

Pacelli has already clinched the area title and a first-round bye in the GHSA State Tournament.
For Jay, the higher the goals, the better.
He now has a 4.4 GPA and a scholarship to Notre Dame.

“Sports is just a development of personal talents, leadership and teamwork,” said Jay Dawahare. “But school gets me through the rest of my life.”

'Shoot for the moon, land among the stars' seems to be a theme in Dawahare's life, not only in setting goals, but also for the future. He wants to major in Aerospace Engineering.

“I've always been extremely fascinated with things that fly,” Dawahare said. “Planes, rockets, everything in between.”

Coach Dempsey sees Dawahare's intelligence as an asset on the field, as well.

“Having guys like Jay, that are so academically sound, we can talk about our tactics,” said Coach Dempsey. ” I can draw things on the whiteboard. And I'm not teaching I'm having a discussion. “

But he's not just relying on talent and ability. Dawahare has worked hard to earn his accolades.

“He's the number two scorer on the team because he doesn't give up, and he comes prepared.”

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