Anti-bullying organization pushes for federal law

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, ,GA –    More on the story NBC 38 first brought you about a local middle schooler who hanged himself after reportedly being bullied.

The family of 13-year-old Devin Brown says he was bullied for months at Rothschild Middle School. While researching the story, NBC 38 learned there is no bullying law in Georgia, and one organization is trying to fix that.

The Monster March Against Bullying is a family organization that fights against bullying-related suicides. The organization just filed a petition to push for a federal law against bullying.

“Why? Because Georgia Law doesn't protect kids like Devin, or the other six kids in Georgia who I have written obituaries for in the past 36 months and we need this federal law because schools always deny knowledge and they do not protect our kids even though we are legally responsible to send them to school,” Monster March Founder Christi O'Connor says.

The Monster March will hold a march October 12th in Washington D.C. and all cities where a child has committed suicide due to bullying.

Log onto for more information. You can sign the petition at

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