Muscogee County School District responds to student’s suicide

COLUMBUS, GA – A follow up now to the heartbreaking story we told you about last week.  A Rothschild Middle School student took his own life March 28th after allegedly being bullied over a six month span.

Ten days after 13-year-old Devin Brown hung himself at his Gardiner Drive home, the Muscogee County School District has issued a response through a spokesperson.

The statement says, “We offer our condolences to the Brown family, Rothschild students,
faculty, staff, and administrators. We care and are committed to the
safety of all of our children, encourage reports of any possible safety
violation or threat and have continuous education and training for our
students, staff, and faculty as required by the Department of Education.
We investigate reports, and must rely on facts, not speculation to
address any concerns.”

The statement goes on to say Rothschild Principal Reginald Williamson advised this follow-up:

1. There were no cases of bullying reported to the administration pertaining to the student.
2. There were no cases of students smearing the student with pies reported to the school.
3. There were no cases reported of the student being jumped on.
4. A news report stated someone saw another student carrying a knife and threatened a teacher;
There was a report of a student with a weapon reported, but there was no report of a threat to
a teacher. The knife was discovered in the child's locker. The student reportedly had the knife for
protection as a result of being heckled by men in cars on her walk to school; the school investigation did not reveal that anyone in the school was threatened or endangered.

While that may clear up the rumor about why Devin reported a student had the knife, it doesn't resolve allegations surrounding the atmosphere at Rothschild. Devin Brown's dad is adamant that being harassed at school led to his son's suicide.

“If I had know it was this serious, I would have told him he didn't have to go back to school Thursday or Friday, just go ahead and have your spring break now,” Ray Brown said in an exclusive interview with NBC 38 last week.

Sadly, there was no Spring Break for Devin. He hung himself with a belt inside his closet after reportedly telling friends and family that other students were calling him a snitch.

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