Counselor: Spanking won’t achieve desired results

By Staff Reports (Columbus, GA)– The Muscogee County School District generated a lot of talk after a discussion about changing their spanking policy.

The NAACP came out in favor of abolishing corporal punishment in the school system and today a mental health counselor agrees.

David Wallace, Director of Fund Development and Residential Services for New Horizons tells NBC 38 rarely do children respond to that type of punishment from parents or educators. The trick is not getting to that point.

“It's real important that you talk about what the rules are, what the expectations are and its being assertive. It's letting the kid know what's going on and as actions and behaviors occur you intervene at that time, immediately, but don't let it build up to a point where you have to intervene and you'll know I'm intervening,” Wallace says.

Now there's some good advice. As for the school district, they could vote to abandon corporal punishment next month.

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