Civilian Workers protest Budget Cuts

By Staff Reports (Ft.Benning, GA) Civilian workers rallied against budget cuts at the gates of Fort Benning today.

The budget cuts known as Sequestration will affect more than 4,000 Defense Department workers  on post.

The small but vocal crowd from the American Federation of Government Employees were fired up about the looming furloughs, which could kick in as early as next month. The protestors taking aim at policy makers in Washington they say can't relate to their plight

“The politicians are playing games with our livelihood, the way we pay our bills, the effect its going to have on the community and the people aren't going to have money to spend in the community. So we're trying to raise awareness and put pressure on our elected officials.”
“They're not going to lose anything, they're still going to take their vacations and travel like they want too and still spoil their grandchildren like they want too.”

The civilian employees at Fort Benning will begin one day a week furloughs for 22 weeks,  which amounts to a hefty portion of their paycheck.  The start date for the furloughs hasn't been announced yet.

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