NAACP: Spanking should be reserved for Parents

By Staff Reports (Columbus, GA)- To spank or not to spank…that is the question for the Muscogee County School District.

The School Board is contemplating abolishing it's corporal punishment policy and they have an ally in the NAACP.

Nate Sanderson, the President of the local NAACP branch says that spanking should  be a subject matter reserved for parents not people in the school district.”If Children need discipline through corporal punishment I think its up to the parents and we as a school, as a district, should not be doing that, it doesn't work anymore and there is study after study that shows that its just not effective and the exposure or cost benefit is not there,” Sanderson said.

The spanking policy is promoting a lively discussion between proponents of keeping corporal punishment in schools and those like Sanderson who are opposed. The board will vote on the issue next month.

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