Sheriff: Couple shot dead in Hurtsboro

By Sara Belsole (Russell County, AL) The Russell County Sheriff's office is investigating a double homicide after a couple is found shot to death inside their car in Hurtsboro.

Sheriff Heath Taylor says his office got a call from a passerby around midnight last night about a car on Sandy Grove Road with both doors open and its hazard lights on.

When officials got there, they found the bodies of 35-year-old Reginald Berry and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Michelle Buchannon both shot multiple times.

Taylor says the crime scene evidence suggests there is more than one shooter.

He also thinks the double homicide is connected to a shooting that happened hours before in Macon County, Alabama.

“Our victim was there during this incident and possibly made some comments to the Sheriff's Office. I'm understanding there is no official report or statements made, but we do feel like he told them something,” Taylor said.

The Macon County shooting victim survived.

Authorities say they have suspects and people of interest in mind in both shootings.

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