Former Marine arrested for possession of explosive devices, guns

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA –  Former Marine 42-year-old John Mullen is facing five counts of possession of a destructive device after Columbus Police officers say they found an arsenal of weapons inside his car at the intersection of 12th Avenue and 49th Street around 9:30 Wednesday night.

Officials say officers were patrolling the area when they noticed Mullen's car at this park after hours. The officers say when they approached the car, they saw a silencer and machine gun.

Mullen was taken into custody and the bomb squad was brought in to search his black 1999 Dodge Dakota.

“The devices we found would be initiated and thrown at people. They contain what we believe is some sort of powder and they also contain some sort or shrapnel,” Lt. Brad Hicks, Director of Homeland Security, says.

Officials found eight weapons, including four improvised explosive devices, a hand grenade, a machine gun and a shot gun with suppressor.

“The devices that we found last night could certainly do serious bodily damage or even kill somebody,” Hicks says.

Officials say this is still an early stage of the investigation and so far there is no evidence of a threat or plan to attack.

Neighbors who  live behind the park say they saw a dark colored car parked at the park for the past few days.

Police say Mullen listed Glover Tire Service in Opelika as his address. The manager confirmed Mullen is a current employee. He says Mullen is a reliable employee and today is the first day he hasn't shown up for work.

Mullen is set to appear in Recorder's Court Friday afternoon.

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