Club Majestic assistant manager fined $5,500 in connection to New Year’s shooting

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA – Nathaniel Smith appeared in Recorder's Court Friday morning on ten city ordinance charges: nine counts of allowing a minor into a club and one ABC card violation.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The charges stem from an investigation into the Majestic Sports Bar after six were shot and one was killed in a New Year's shooting.

Police say two of the victims were underage, as well as several other patrons who made statements.

The club's owner, James Weaver, was charged with an ABC card violation, but since he paid the fine, did not appear in court Friday morning.

Weaver's daughter, who is the club's manager, testified that Smith is the club's assistant manager and was in charge of the club the night of the shooting. She told the court smith “has the keys to get in and operate” and handles security at the club.

Smith denied he was at the club that night, but said otherwise last month in an exclusive interview with NBC 38.

When he was asked if he was at the club that night, Smith said, “Yes I was there. I was there to collect the funds. There wasn't really anybody in there because they ran out when he started shooting.”

Smith also told the court he doesn't even consider himself a manager, he just “leases it from time to time.”

Underage witnesses testified no one checked their ID's to get inside the club.

Smith was ordered to pay $4,500 for the minor violations and $1,000 for the ABC card violation.

Weaver only had to pay $100 for his ABC card violation, but Smith's was so much higher because he had a previous ABC card violation.

After court, Smith declined to comment on his case, but when asked if he was still friends with James Weaver, he said, “friends don't do that.”

Smith set up a payment plan for the fines after his hearing. If he fails to pay, he will serve jail time.

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