250 soldiers return home from Kuwait

By Sara Belsole

FT. BENNING, GA – “Nerve-wrecked.”

That's how Aloha Montgomery says she felt waiting to greet her husband.

He has been deployed to Kuwait with the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division for seven months.

Their son, Zaedyn, is only six months old.

“He hasn't met his dad yet and it's going to be different,” Montgomery says.

 Also playing the waiting game, Stephanie Mikus.

“It's very special, it's been a long time and I am just very anxious to see my husband,” Mikus says.

Mikus has a little bit more experience with deployment, this is her husband's second. “This one was shorter, but with now R and R I went longer without seeing him.”

3rd ID is one of the most deployed units in the Army. The 2,000 soldiers left last June for this deployment and while in Kuwait trained with US regional partners. They were also prepared to respond to a range of contingencies within the region.

Both Montgomery's and Mikus' husbands stepped back onto American soil with about 250 other soldiers this afternoon, but it takes hours for the soldiers to check in their equipment, get their bags, and go through a final briefing… building up the anticipation for these Army wives.

“I am going to tell him I missed him and all of it was worth it now that he is back with me,” Mikus says.

While Mikus was unable to Skype with her husband while he was gone, Montgomery says she introduced her son to his dad over Skype.

“He will hear his voice and he will always look at my phone or my iPad because that is what we usually Skype on,” Montgomery says.

But at the end of the day, all the waiting is worth it.  “It will be really  nice now to have an extra hand around the house.”

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