Chambliss: I would have won re-election

By Doug Richards (WXIA)- He was going on 20 years, most of it in the U.S. Senate.

And after all that, Saxby Chambliss faced a possible challenge from within his own Republican party for next year's nomination.

To that Chambliss said 'enough.'

“I have no doubt that had I decided to be a candidate, I would have won re-election.” Chambliss said in a statement. “Instead
this is about frustration, both at a lack of leadership from the White House and at the dearth of meaningful action from congress.”

Chambliss sometimes tangled with the Tea party movement.

The race to replace Chambliss will present an opportunity for the tea party to flex it's conservative muscle. “I think its an opportunity to strengthen not only the Tea Party movement but to strengthen the Republican party.”

And the Republicans considering the race will come from a who's who of elected leaders past and present. From
former Governor Sonny Perdue and former Secretary of State Karen Handel
to members of congress like Tom Price, Tom Graves, Paul Brown, Lynn Westmoreland and Jack Kingston.

“You can have a domino effect if
you have two, three, maybe even four House Republicans running for the
Senate. That opens up their House seats for other Republicans to get
involved in, so there could be a real scramble, a real shaking-out

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