Video: Real life Jaws encounter

By Elizabeth Corridan (CNN)- Cue the theme song to “Jaws” and take a look at what two fishermen encountered off the coast of Australia.

“Oh my God, Great White Shark”

All of a sudden from the shadows comes this big head and I just freeze.

Jaws was recently on TV and you think of the last scene there where he jumps on the boat

Mesmerized…and slightly terrified… The fishermen watched while the shark circled for 40-minutes.

Eventually, they decided they should not test their luck any longer and headed for shore.

A fisherman in Michigan had a much smaller, but no less amazing, encounter. He hooked this giant goldfish! It's 15 inches long and weighs more than three pounds.

And take a look at this…..

take a look at your headlines this morning and as we do we're talking
about a cold start to the week. This is exactly what we're looking at
here, 8-day planner.

This weatherman isn't trying to be funny, just resourceful.

His weather computer crashed before Monday's broadcast so he drew his graphics.

In case you're wondering how he felt about his situation…

This experienced fisherman says in his 2-decades out on the lake, he's never caught a goldfish.

This is how I felt this morning.

This is how I felt when I realized I could draw it all out.

And when I realized we are finally getting the computers back, this is how I feel right now.

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