Medal of Honor Recipient Speaks

(CNN)- President Obama recently announced SSG Clinton Romesha will receive the Medal of Honor making Romesha only the fourth living recipient of the nation's highest military honor.

SSG Romesha spoke about the honor saying:

all of those guys pull together, I mean, you are not going to back down
in the face of adversity like that, we were just gonna win. Plain and
simple. And with the help of those guys and everybody doing their part,
we came out on top.”

“This isn't something you wake up and think you are ever going to achieve.”

I gotten injured with I mean, it wasn't nothing. I've had buddies that
had lost eyesight, lost limbs, for them, I would rather give them all
the credit. They deserve it for sacrificing so much and for me, it was
nothing, really, I just got a little peppered.”

“So I decided to
leave to just be a little more, family orientated then I had in the past
and be there and support them for all of the wonderful support over the
last 12 years they'd given me.”

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