How to Save Your Child’s Life from the Flu

By Elizabeth Cohen (CNN)-Darius Carr is so sick with the flu, he's in the hospital.

He could have died.

not for the quick thinking of his mother. Robbie Carey was keeping a
close eye on her son at home. He didn't seem all that sick, then
suddenly Wednesday night, he could hardly breathe gasping for breath
real scary thought gonna pass out at any minute.

immediately brought her seven year old son to the emergency room, just a
short drive away, but by the time they got there, darius was

He didn't even recognize her.  

How did you feel in your heart when your own son didn't know who you were?  
“You don't want to think the worst but as your parent you can't help it.”

The flu had struck Darius hard, his asthma making it even worse. Doctors had to give him oxygen.  
Looking for red flags like Robbie did can save your child's life.  
*difficulty breathing
*getting better and then sick again – a sign that a second infection has set in  
*refusing to drink  

And a red flag Darius's mom noticed: extreme fatigue

sick kids are usually lethargic. Yeah, for a while, but they perk back
up. If there's no perking up? That's a problem. Kids with the flu can
get very sick very fast, so when in doubt, get your child to a doctor.  

Imagine if you hadn't brought him in.

don't want to think about it. I'm so glad I did follow that mom instinct
and bring him in right away might have saved his life.”

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