Jury: No Bill for Parade Driver of Veterans killed

By Jennifer Samp (KOSA)-After
one of the most tragic events in West Texas history many eyes looked to Dale Andrew Hayden the driver of the flatbed truck that was hit by a
train in November during a parade, killing four war veterans.

The grand jury met Wednesday to decide if Hayden intentionally put these veterans and their families in harm's way. “I
can guarantee you that it was not presented to the Grand Jury until all
the facts, all the evidence, any aspect of this case was looked at.”

Midland County District Clerk Ross Bush confirmed the grand jury's decision that no charges will be filed. “It's
a no bill which means his situation is over with. It's done, it's
finished, he's not going to be indicted on any type of charges.” “We are glad to have this behind us.”

Hayden's attorney Hal Brockett says he told his client the good news.

“Why do you think the jury no billed your client?”

once again, I'm not in there, don't know, but because there was no
evidence of criminal negligence. Embarrassed to say we are relieved,
because I did not think it was a matter that needed to be taken to the
Grand Jury.”

Brockett says the fatal crash was the most traumatic
event in his client's life, even more difficult than what he experienced
in tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“My client is going through a
great deal of emotional distress and I don't say that to minimize the
loss that these people suffered.”

He says from a criminal standpoint its over, but there are many civil lawsuits that await.
“You can't undo what's been done. You can only hope to move forward and hope things get better for everybody who is involved.”

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