Pentagon’s Budget “a mess”

(CNN)-Congress's delay on the fiscal cliff may have averted an immediate crisis, but the military's budget is still in limbo. If no deal is reached, automatic spending cuts will trim the Pentagon's budget by 500 billion dollars over 10 years.

Pentagon spokesman George Little says this will affect civilian workers.
“I can try to be somewhat artful and diplomatic, but I boil it down to this, it is at this stage a mess.
is highly problematic, we don't have stability in the budget process,
what we have uncertainty and we need to avoid the Fiscal Cliff we could
go off on March the 1st.  
It's time for Congress to advert
sequestration once and for all. This is not just about excels and excel
spreadsheets. This about the Defense of the United States, and the
people who serve in the United States military and our civilian
personnel also.” 
If the mandatory cuts go into effect
in March, the Pentagon may have to force nearly 800,000 civilian
workers to take unpaid leave.

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