Phenix City Native steals show from BCS Sidelines

By Staff Reports (Miami, FL)- After the National Championship game last night you might have heard, Brent Musburger has a thing for Miss Alabama.  And now so do thousands of others.

That's right, Phenix City native Katherine Webb stole the show from the sidelines of the big game after the commentators got bored with the action between the Crimson Tide and the Fighting Irish. Veteran sports broadcaster Brent Musburger had his mind on more than football and the world wide web is all abuzz about it this afternoon.

Here's the play by play from Musburger and fellow sportscaster Kirk Herbstreit.

“Now when you're a quarterback at Alabama – you see that lovely lady there . . . She does go to Auburn, I will admit that, but she's also Miss Alabama, and that's A. J. McCarron's girlfriend, and right there on the right is Dee Dee Bonner – that's A.J.'s mom. I'll tell you – you quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women. What a beautiful woman,” Musburger said.

“WOW! A.J.'s doing some things right down there in Alabama”, Herbstreit chimed in.

“So if you're a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and start throwing it around the backyard with pop,” added Musburger.

Before the game Webb had about 2,000 twitter followers. She now has more than 150-thousand followers.  Earlier this afternoon, NBC 38 caught up with Katherine on the phone and asked about her sudden new found fame.

“It's just been honestly my phone has not stopped ringing off the hook, my moms phone back home and FOX has been going to Chick Fil A where I used to work back home in Columbus and back home at my dad's business looking for a story and its just been overwhelming but at the same time its been really fun,” Webb said.

Of course during the game Webb's boyfriend, McCarron, had no idea his significant other was becoming an Internet sensation. Here's his priceless reaction to the news after the game.

“She's got 100,000 twitter followers now. No way. She went from 200 a few weeks ago to now Lebron James is following her now. Say you swear.

“I swear to you, Lebron James is following her on twitter right now.”

“Man I better tweet at him and get a follow that's just crazy.”

Now Webb is even more famous on twitter than her QB boyfriend.

He only has 103 thousand followers.

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