Cop Boycotts Company over Gun Policy

By Paul Crowley (WXIA)-
Dana Safety Supply specializes in weapons and equipment for law enforcement.

But as its signs clearly say, it also sells to the general public.

Friday the company announced it would no longer sell any of these,
assault type weapons, semi-automatic rifles, to anyone other than
“I'm not going to use our citizens' taxpayer money or my personal money to buy anything from DSS. It's really quite simple.”

Long time Mooneye County Sheriff Scott Berry responded by announcing a boycott.

He's drawn national attention and says he's been flooded with support from the general public and many in law enforcement. Berry defends the right of any citizen to own an assault rifle.
weapons aren't the problem, but we have a mental health crisis in this
country. We have a people problem in this country that's not being

Dana safety supply declined our request to visit their Atlanta area store.

They referred us to a corporate spokesperson in Jacksonville who emailed us the same statement that appears on their web site. In
part it says, “while we support the rights of Americans to own and
safely enjoy firearms, we have chosen to sell some select firearms to
law enforcement personnel only”, which it calls its core business.

company did not say if it is reserving its supply of semi-automatic
rifles for police agencies since many civilian gun stores have been
running out of them thanks to a swarm of buyers who fear they might soon
be banned.

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