Accused gunman in Majestic shooting denied bond

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA – Court room drama unfolded Tuesday morning in the case against the accused gunman in a New Year's shooting.

21-year-old Dequandrea Truitt is charged with murder, aggravated assault and two weapons charges in connection the shooting that injured six and killed 24-year-old Charles Foster, Junior at the Majestic Sports Bar.

“They are acting like he is a mad killer, he is not a killer,” Truitt's mother, Gennifer Truitt, says.

Truitt turned himself into authorities late Sunday night. Detectives testified in court Tuesday that Truitt made a statement to a patrol officer, saying “I didn't murder anybody, but I did some shooting outside in the parking lot.”

“That's somewhat questionable when it's not on audio, it's not on video and that this supposed spontaneous statement takes place at the loading dock at the police station,” Defense Attorney Stacey Jackson says.

Jackson says he told police prior to the surrender that his client would not be making a statement.

The defense brought five multiple witnesses to the hearing this morning and each said the same thing: they were with Truitt at the club and they did not see a weapon on him.

Those witnesses were Truitt's girlfriend, two friends, his cousin and sister. The Prosecution pointed out none of the witnesses made a statement to police prior to Tuesday's hearing.

Truitt's sister says she was at the club underage.

Officials have not located the murder weapon, but the prosecution told the judge shell casings found inside the club matched those found in the parking lot, where one victim was shot inside his car.

Officials say that victim identified Truitt as the shooter, but Jackson says there is no evidence Truitt opened fire inside the club.

“I think the most important question the Detective answered was, do you have an eye witness that identifies Dequandrea Truitt as shooting Mr. Foster, and she said no,” Jackson says.

Jackson also pointed out Truitt has no feeling in his right arm from being shot few weeks ago.

“He is right handed,” Jackson says.

“How can he shoot anybody with his right armed gone,” Gennifer Truitt says.

After hearing all the witness' testimony, Judge Michael Cielinski denied Truitt bond and the case was bound over to Superior Court.

Truitt is also facing an attempted murder charge in Phenix City connected to a separate incident.

Columbus police say they are still looking for a possible second shooter in the Majestic Shooting.

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