Audit shows child abuse reports filed late by DFCS

ATLANTA, GA – An audit is raising questions about how quickly Georgia's child protection workers are filing reports of child abuse.

Entering those intake reports into DFCS computer system is an important task because it starts the clock ticking on the agency's outreach to children who may be abused. Once a report is created, caseworker's are assigned to quickly visit the child.

According to the audit, the state's child protection workers are failing to immediately file reports of suspected abuse.

The audit released this week, found in 31% of cases,workers entered child abuse reports five or more days after they were received.

That translates into roughly 19,000 cases during a one-year period.  Agency policy requires that allegations be entered immediately.

The Commissioner of Georgia's Department of Health and Human Services says there are legitimate reasons reports are entered late, but adds new controls could improve data accuracy.

You may recall in September, two Muscogee County DFCS employees were arrested for falsifying documents in order to receive more grant money.

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