Missing Georgia Boys Back Home

By Alina Machado (CNN)– Two Georgia boys who have been missing since before Christmas are at home now, safe and sound. Police found them in Texas after a nationwide Amber Alert.

“Thank you.”
“Thank you to who guys?”
“Everybody in America.”

for all the prayers and support, Theresa Nash stands in front of her
Suwanee home holding her two boys, Henry and Ben, a little tighter.
The joy and relief easy to see on her face after a week of uncertainty and concern.
pretty tired.  We had two hours of sleep last night and we've been
hugging and kissing and saying I love you, I love you more, I love you, I
love you more, but I love them more and they're insisting that they
love me more.”

Authorities say the boys' father, Daniel Cleary,
failed to bring them back to their mother's home for Christmas,
prompting a national search for the children.  

They were found at an Austin, Texas motel yesterday.  

Cleary was taken into custody.  
Nash traveled to Texas Saturday night to be reunited with her boys.  
She sent us this picture of the reunion.  

three flew back Sunday afternoon and after a quick stop at home.
They came out to this park to hug, to play and to thank those who prayed
so much for their safe return.
“Everywhere we go people are hugging
us and kissing us and praying with us and we are so thankful to every
single person that helped to bring their daddy and Benny and Henry home
safe. Whatever we do, everything feels at peace.  It doesn't matter what
we're doing, everything feels at peace now.”

The boys' father faces charges of interfering with child custody.

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