New Law targets Uninsured Motorists

By Staff Reports- Uninsured motorists are in for a rude awakening in Alabama.

Beginning New Years Day, the state will start to enforce a  new law aimed at drivers who aren't abiding by the mandatory insurance law.

A new online insurance verification system will check insurance companies records within a few seconds to see if a motorist has insurance. County license plate officials will use it during tag renewals, and police will use it to issue tickets.

The Revenue Department will do random computer checks to find drivers who dropped their insurance coverage.

The Insurance Research Council estimates that 22 percent of Alabama's more than 4 million private vehicles don't have insurance. It is the 6th highest rate of any state.

The cost of driving without insurance can be more expensive than buying insurance. A first offense can result in a fine of up to $500 dollars and subsequent offenses can go up to $1000 dollars and  suspension of vehicle registration.

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