BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities in School Shooting

Update- Reports of multiple fatalities at Connecticut Elementary School.

By Miguel Llanos, NBC News

Updated at 1 p.m. ET: At least 24 people were killed, including at least 17 children, when a gunman opened fire in a Connecticut elementary school Friday morning, a law enforcement official said. The alleged gunman, a 20-year-old male, was later found dead at the school.

The incident sent crying children spilling into the school parking lot as frightened parents waited for word on their loved ones.

“I was in the gym and I heard a loud, like seven loud booms, and the gym teachers told us to go in the corner, so we all huddled,” one student at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown told NBC Connecticut during its live broadcast. “And I kept hearing these booming noises. And we all … started crying.

“All the gym teachers told us to go into the office where no one could find us,” she added. “So then a police officer came in and told us to run outside. So we did and we came in the firehouse and waited for our parents.”

Two 9mm handguns were recovered from the scene, an official told WNBC's Jonathan Dienst.


In a photo taken by the Bee, crying students could be seen being escorted from the school by police. They were taken to a nearby fire station where their parents were picking them up.

At Sandy Hook, police, ATF and FBI agents were going room to room searching the school.

President Obama was notified about the shooting and continues to receive updates, according to a White House official.

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