Police “Grinch” tickets Driver for Christmas Lights

(KSN)-A Kansas man covered his truck in Christmas lights, hoping to spread a little holiday cheer, but cops say the lights have to go.

Now the driver has to pay up.

You might have seen this truck rolling around Wichita during the holiday season.
“We've literally had thousands of people do pictures with the truck or stop and come up and look at it.”

took Dave and his crew 16 hours to decorate this truck. He's got 850
Christmas lights on it, all stuck to this thing with magnets. Plus the
whole things powered by an 8000 watt generator in the back of the

“If this can put one smile on one person's face, it was worth it.”

hill runs a local charity, One spark can start a fire. They try to
help people in need while encouraging folks to pay it forward. “One simple act of kindness can change somebody's life.”

was driving down Kellogg around midnight Saturday with his truck all
aglow when he saw different kinds of lights in his rear view mirror, a
Wichita police officer pulling him over.
“When he finally came up he said you have illegal lights on the front of your truck.”

got hit with a ticket, the red and blue lights aren't allowed with the
officer concerned he could be confused with an emergency vehicle. “If you see this thing coming down the road and believe its an emergency vehicle you might want to check your sanity.”

tell KSN they're not trying to be grinches, they like the
intent but don't think Hill thought this truck through. The truck
turns heads and police say it could easily cause a crash by distracting
drivers. The ticket will cost Hill upwards of 300 bucks but Hill's
hoping he can use the publicity to help out the homeless. “I'm glad
that it happened because I get a chance to come on your news station and
tell people that I need help. I need help with hats, clothes,
gloves…anything that they can provide.”

Hill says he has no plans to remove his lights and plans to keep driving the truck through the Christmas season

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