Lawyer for NFL Player: Witness account False

(KTVT) The lawyer for the Dallas Cowboys player charged in a crash that killed
his teammate is discounting a witness account of what happened.

Brent was driving from a nightclub early Saturday when his car flipped
over, killing practice squad member Jerry Brown, Junior. A woman named Stacee McWilliams told a Texas TV station that she heard Brown cry for help and that Brent hadn't done anything to try and save his friend until she pleaded with him to do so.

The attorney said Tuesday that based on police reports what she said happened is just not possible.

has now admitted that she was not that close to the actual scene. She
admitted to have been drinking that evening. Her statement regarding the
placement of Mr. Brown's body is inconsistent with the dash cam video.
She stated Officer Palms rendered medical assistance with some device
that the police do not even have in their squad cars. This also would
have been against Irving police policy. It is believed Mr. Brown was
already deceased and could not possibly have uttered the calls for help
claimed by Ms. McWilliams. It has not been verified, but it appears she
called the media before calling the police despite the best efforts of
the Irving police to reach out to any and all possible witnesses to this

Funeral services were held Tuesday for Brown in Dallas.

Brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter and could face up to 20 years in prison.
He has also been ordered to get a Breathalyzer device put on his car.

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