Ex Marine held in Mexican Jail

By Carlos Suarez (WPLG)-A South Florida family is desperate for help for their loved one, a
former US Marine, who has been in a Mexican jail for months.

Reporter Carlos Suarez explains how a love for surfing and a family relic played a part in his troubling ordeal. “We just try to take one day at a time.”

For four years her son fought in Iraq and Afghanistan wielding a machine gun.
“All the guys loved him and he fought well.” But it was a surfing trip and a family heirloom firearm that finally brought this marine's mother to tears.

“It's unimaginable.”

After coming home with post-traumatic stress disorder, the only thing that could calm Lance Corporal Jon Hammar was surfing.  “It was sort of a needed respite for him.”  

bought this r-v and with another marine intended to drive to Costa Rrica, but in Brownsville at the border he was stopped because he has
with him his great-grandfather's shotgun.
“It's the smallest caliber shotgun that they make, good for kids because it doesn't have a lot of kick.”

Even though he declared it, he was arrested anyway and put in prison.
“It's just a silly…unfortunate, dumb thing to happen and now his life is in jeopardy.”

Senator Nelson has sent a letter, other politicians have pledged to help, but
four months later marine Jon Hammar is still in a mexican jail.
“We keep telling him what we're doing and that we think it's going to end soon, but you can only say that for so long.”

Now just before Christmas this military family fears the worst.
“And we're out of..we're out of ideas.”

All from their marine stumbling into a battle along our border that no one ever knew existed.
“I don't know we're afraid…we're afraid.”

The former Marine's next hearing is scheduled for the end of January.

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