Veteran pays random Power Bills

By Jerry Carnes (WXIA)-
The office was full, How are you?  
There were two long lines of people waiting to part ways with a piece of their income in order to keep the lights on. Then, he walked in.

He had such a glow on his face.

the many people paying their bills at the Georgia Power office in Stockbridge, a man who told customer service reps that he was a Veteran, who only a year ago was homeless.

He overheard Glendis Harris talking to a customer who was short on cash.
The Vet opened his wallet.

He turned around, he was like anybody want their bill paid? He said Merry Christmas to everybody. 100 dollars here, 150 there.
And the customers were like 'is he serious?' They wondering if he was serious or if it was it a joke?  

It wasn't. The man spent at least fifteen hundred dollars giving light to others.
But he wasn't finished…he left only to return a short time later with a handful of cash.  46:23
was at it again, this time Athena Brewer watched as he helped a woman
so far behind on her bills. The power had been cut off.

She was crying, I said okay, you're going to make me cry…she said I never had anyone do this for me.  A day later even customers who missed out on the generosity were glowing.
The man upstairs,he works in mysterious ways. It's good, those who were supposed to get it…got it.  The mystery man told employees here he didn't plan his bill paying spree.

It was Merry Christmas everybody.  

That is the power of the season.

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