Parents react to Carbon Monoxide poisoning

(WSB)-A scary scene at an Atlanta elementary school today.
Dozens of students and teachers were taken to the hospital after being exposed to extremely high levels of carbon monoxide.

Their symptoms included headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.  

Parents rushed to Finch Elementary School to see what was going on.
And many were unhappy when they got there.  
unorganized because these folks know these children are up here. These
parents are trying to get their children and they ain't doing nothing
about it. Why are they in the hospital. Baby is in the hospital and he
told me to go get in line to sign papers. It's not right.”
baby is at the hospital. She already has bronchitis and asthma and I
told them that and they wouldn't go check for me or nothing.”

Some 500 students and staff were evacuated from the school.

say the carbon monoxide levels in the building were the highest the
department has ever detected in the City of Atlanta. Captain Marian McDaniel said the levels were high enough that the toxic gas could be lethal. But she says, fortunately, all of the victims' conditions were mild to moderate.

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