Notre Dame Fans ready for Crimson Tide

By Ted Rowlands (CNN)-

football here in the United States is wildly popular and this years
National Championship game is off the charts because you have two
schools with storied traditions, Notre Dame and Alabama going at

Here at Notre Dame you can see that it's a lot about history and winning championships.
They have their National Championship banners hung here in the stadium.  
outside the stadium, all of the coaches that have won national championships have a statue outside the stadium.  That's Knute Rockne, he was the leader at Notre Dame from 1918 to 1930.  

History is a big deal in college sports and in college football. The
problem for Notre Dame fans is that, while they have the second most
titles, next to Alabama, with 13 in school history, they haven't had one
in 24 years, so they are absolutely delighted to have a shot at another National Championship. 

“Super excited, campus has just erupted. Everyone is like going nuts on campus right now.”
is worried about getting tickets to the game right now because they're
doing a lottery so it's going to be pretty tough to get tickets, but
we're all just worried about getting to Miami, I think.” “Especially
after coming back from Thanksgiving break, there is just so much
excitement, you just hear so much about, 'Oh, are you going to Miami?'
Yeah, everyone's going to Miami whether they have a ticket or not.”

And those tickets will be incredibly difficult to come by because Notre Dame has such a fan base.  The
alumni, people who graduated from Notre Dame are huge fans all of their
games are telecast each week on national television, and they have
waited 24 years for a shot at another National Championship, so getting a
hand on one of those tickets for the big game in Miami is going to be
incredibly difficult.

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