Government cleans house after Military Ethics Violations

By Barbara Starr (CNN)-The revelation of inappropriate communication between General Petraeus
and his mistress has prompted the government to clean house.
investigators have zeroed in now on specific potentially inappropriate
emails General John Allen, the commander of the Afghanistan War, wrote
to Jill Kelley. She's the socialite who gave her emails to the FBI some
that turned out to be from CIA Director David Petraeus's mistress.

Allen, whose
nomination to be Military Chief of NATO is on hold, faces uncertainty.
No One knows what the investigation will recommend.  

High profile
problems with some of America's most senior military officers now a
matter for the White House. This week President Obama is to receive an
initial report from the Pentagon on fixing ethics training for senior

The majority of them do obey the rules. But it may not be enough.
“But if there is a perception of a problem with the American military for the public then there is a big problem.” Marks says there are no excuses.
everyone knows that when you pick up a cell phone, put something down
on the Internet, you are subject to monitoring.”  

The Navy just
fired two top officials at its prestigious postgraduate school in
Monterey, California. Officials say they deliberately mismanaged money.
Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette this month was temporarily relieved of
duty as head of an aircraft carrier strike group sailing in the middle
east. A military official told CNN there were multiple complaints about
him from subordinates. The Admiral has declined to comment on the
pending investigation.

The Navy has removed 23 junior and senior
officers from command so far this year, several for alcohol
offenses. The Marines removed six, the Army eleven.  

The most serious case, Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair is charged with sexual assault.

The Air Force tells CNN it's relieved one general and four colonels but didn't know about lower ranks. The
Navy says no matter how embarrassing, it announces when officers are
removed from command because on board ships thousands of sailors' lives
are at stake if the commander is misbehaving.

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