Coach: Carter a “typical teenager”

By: Sara Belsole (WLTZ)

 Columbus baseball star Kyle Carter was arrested in Athens early Sunday morning and charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and public intoxication.

This was Carter's second arrest while at the University of Georgia  in just over three months. In August, he was charged with simple battery and felony possession of a weapon in a school zone after officials say he allegedly threatened a woman with a baseball bat.

All this throwing a curve ball to the 19-year-old's image.
“It would be nothing to be walking with Kyle and all the little boys staring up at him like he was a God,” said Randy Morris.

Carter grew up playing here at Northern Little League. He was a member of the team when it won the 2006 Little League World Series in 2006.

“Just a tremendous leader, the old saying where he went the team went, just a catalyst for our team,” said Morris.

Randy Morris, who coached Carter at Northern, says he was disappointed to hear of Carter's second arrest.   “He is a typical teenager who is going to make good decisions and bad decisions and I guess this time it was one of the bad decisions,” Morris said.

This bad decision could cost Carter. According to UGA's athletic policy, athletes face an  automatic suspension of 10 percent of the season for alcohol related incidents.

 Morris says he doesn't think that will affect Carter's game.
   “Kyle is strong minded, strong willed and I think he will be able to learn from this and let this go.”
    UGA Coach David Perno hasn't commented on the situation, but Morris says it's in the limelight because of who Carter is.
   “If this was John Doe, nobody would be talking about it, let's just face it,” Morris said. 

And morris hopes Carter can still be that role model for young boys.
   “I hope now people can live and learn and be more forgetful and forgiving,” said Morris.

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