Scholar Athlete of the Week: Jamilia Burgos

BY Chelsa Messinger
In order to become a great three-point shooter, it takes lots of time, lots of practice, lots of repetition. Hardaway High School Senior Jamilia Burgos has done just that. And she's taken that dedication that she uses on the basketball court, with her in the classroom. Where she has a 3.5 GPA.
“You have to be disciplined to study, and do your work, concentrate in class, and that's how it is on the basketball court,” Burgos said. “Discipline with your coach, be respectful, and just do what you have to do, to help the team out.”
“She's spent countless hours in the gym, this summer, past off seasons,” said Hardaway Girls Basketball Coach Kendall Mills. “Working on her shot, and hopefully that will help her this season, of course I would love for her to help the Hardaway Lady Hawks.”
Every coach loves having a hard-worker on their team, because a good work-ethic can be contagious.


“I tell that to the older players, they watch everything you do,” said Coach Mills.
In the future, Jamilia wants to go into business or accounting. And like the meticulous art of accounting, being a sharp-shooter requires a strong attention to detail.
“I actually do, just by knowing what position to go to on the plays, like go ahead of the game, just going with the game and everything,” said Burgos.
And like any good stock, her value has increased through the years.
“Really her leadership skills, she's more vocal now, I think that helps the kids,” said coach Mills.
“At the next level they have to be able to communicate their feelings to the coaches, to their teammates, and she's really matured in that area.”

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