Flag flies half staff and upside down at McDonald’s

Follansbee, WV (WTOV) – An upside-down flag flying at half-mast at a West Virginia McDonald's is causing controversy.

The flag appeared this way right after Tuesday's election.

The owner says it was a simple mistake. But, many people aren't buying it.

Only one day after the election, drivers on route two in Follansbee surprised to see what was flying outside of the McDonald's in town. The U.S. flag flying at half staff and upside down; a symbol of dire distress.

Lou Headman, a veteran, saw the flag and told employees.

Headman explains, “That don't even make sense why anybody would want to do that. That's a distress signal, you know? Maybe they didn't know that, but we know it.”

Angry calls not only made to the store, but to city manager John Destefano as well.

Destefano says, “I said it could be a misunderstanding, I have no idea. I don't know what the reasoning behind it is, but I just went up to talk to whoever was going to be on duty.”

After several hours after first being put up, the flag was eventually taken down.

The owner of this Mcdonalds says the problem is the pulley system on the flag, she says it's been broke for a little while now and that's why the flag was at half staff. As for why it was upside down, she says it was dark out and the employee that put it up didn't notice.

The owner says it was an inadvertent mistake which is being blown out of proportion.  

Regardless, political protest or not… veterans say it's upsetting.  

Veteran Jim Campagna says, “We served our country, so you would have a right, you know to open speech or whatever…but it doesn't give you the right to do something like that…no.  I think it's disrespectful. It disrespects the veteran and it's uncalled for.”

The flagpole was repaired Wednesday and the flag is now flying in its proper form.

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